Hello and Welcome to Abigail Bartell Art!

I am so excited to share my new website and blog with you!

First, let me introduce myself: I am an artist, art educator, mom, outdoor enthusiast, dog and cat (okay, ALL animal) lover, partner, lifelong learner (probably should go do some homework now that my site is live!), pretty good cook, gardener, and lover of books- not at all in any particular order. I live in Northern Vermont, on a mountain, surrounded by maple trees. I also really, really love beautiful earrings (the ones in the photo are by the amazing Lynzee Lynx, and if you haven't checked out her work yet, go now!)

Turning my creative compulsion (I was going to say hobby, but it's never been that...) into something bigger, better, and potentially income-producing has been a dream for a long time. I hope you enjoy seeing my work, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like something for your home.

I'll be sharing lots more about my studio and art practice soon. For now, I need more coffee!

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