The 100 Day Project and Keeping a Daily Practice (and Fish)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent Saturday at a local state park beach with two of my kids- playing, splashing, having a picnic, and lots of reading. We spent Saturday evening with my parents so we could celebrate my Uncle's birthday today. Earlier this morning we checked out the ECHO Center (again, but haven't been in a long time), and saw these gigantic and mesmerizing sturgeon.

Even though I had a wonderful weekend with my family, there was something bothering me almost the whole time- I wasn't making art or being creative. I didn't take a sketchbook, and wouldn't have worked in it if I had (probably). This made me think about the times when I DO artwork every single day. I think I am a bit... happier? Fulfilled? Calmer and less anxious?! when I create daily. It's therapeutic.

For several years now, I have participated in The 100 Day Project- a "free global art project" where you "choose a creative project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process online" (from their website). I really love the pressure (?) to make something every day, and how it forces me to be creative (even when I'm not really feeling it). I love that posting online (I used Instagram and Facebook previously), holds me accountable because People Might be Watching for my Posts (or that's what I tell myself!)

Building this website, working on getting my art business off the ground, getting into shows, figuring out how to post/price/make prints of/frame/etc. my work has been a full time (almost), daily job- and I'VE LOVED IT! It feels a bit like a daily prompt or project. But, now that the site it built and live, I worry about keeping up with a "daily practice". Don't get me wrong, I could paint everyday- all day, but sometimes that feels decadent, especially when I have 4 kids, a parter, two dogs, a cat, 11 chickens, 3 guinea fowl, and a full time teaching job demanding my attention.

So I wonder how to keep a balance of the pressure to be creative, staying on top of my business (and writing this blog is part of that), being a good mom/partner/gentlewoman farmer, AND teaching full time. Is there a secret? Please let me know! I'm going to keep thinking about all this, but in the meantime, here's a bunch of the small (3 x 3 inch) works that I completed for the 2019 100 Day Project. I'd like to do something with them someday- just not sure what yet.

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