Original watercolor, ink and gouache painting on watercolor paper.

12  x 9 inches.

Painting is unframed.


Ruffle Pecker is a stylish bird wearing a soft, grey, ruffled sweater over a simple, white button-down. They are holding an ochre handbag made of buttery, Italian leather. Ruffle Pecker may be on their way to work at a marketing agency, or running errands and lunching with a friend. Either way, they are poised, professional, and fashionably dressed. 


Ruffle Pecker has a deep, intimate relationshop with Hummer Suit, though they keep it on the DL. Perhaps they are decked out in this beautiful sweater to meet Hummer Suit at the cafe for light appetizers and glasses of Veuve Clicqoit followed by an evening of debauchery on the leather couch? 






Ruffle Pecker Original Painting

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